A (Very) Practical Guide to the Tarot Booklet

A (Very) Practical Guide to the Tarot Booklet


Although small in size, there’s a LOT of information in here and arguably more than you’ll find in many books on the Tarot - it’s grounded, practical, and down-to-earth. If you want to know about the Tarot then you will really love this booklet.

In The Tarot booklet you’ll learn how to do a reading, information surrounding the Tarot, picking a card, learning what each card means and much, much more.

The descriptions for each card are structured around learning the tarot by picking a card a day, so the first thing is a brief, “what it means if you picked this card” for your day, followed by more information about what the card means, what kinds of things, literally, the card tends to show happening. Finally, I include the traditional meanings for each card.

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