Tarot Decks

I have always loved games and cards, AND I'm an artist. How could I not be a sucker for the Tarot – a perfect combination of lush visual imagery with spiritual and metaphysical significance –  all in a deck of playing cards! I've had Tarot cards since I was 8; started reading cards professionally in my 20's at a friend's Mexican restaurant in Tribeca, and of course I've designed several Tarot decks of my own!


I designed this deck to be my own personal deck and is the one that I use most. The colors are subtle and elegant: black, white, and cream, with just the occasional hint of another color tinting the cream. Although the mood of this deck might seem fairly serious, it’s incredibly beautiful and infinitely expressive.



My first full deck that I designed. Originally drawn on the backs of the business cards for El Tedd’s, the hip Tribeca restaurant owned by my friend and where I began reading Tarot professionally, this deck is delightfully colorful and fun.



Although small in size, there’s a LOT of information in here and arguably more than you’ll find in many books on the Tarot - it’s grounded, practical, and down-to-earth. If you want to know about the Tarot then you will really love this booklet.



Tarot Videos

A great way to learn the Tarot is to watch my videos about them on YouTube. The series on the Major Arcana: "The Fool's/Hero's Journey – The Tarot as a Spiritual Path" is especially popular. It takes you step by step through the Major Arcana of the tarot, exploring the many meanings of each of these important cards. I've also posted videos guiding you through the meanings of the Minor Arcana cards, and how to understand them by number and suit.