Subtle Tarot

Subtle Tarot


Subtle Tarot (formerly Dream Tarot)

I designed this deck to be my own personal deck and is the one that I use most. The colors are subtle and elegant: black, white, and cream, with just the occasional hint of another color tinting the cream. Although the mood of this deck might seem fairly serious, it’s incredibly beautiful and infinitely expressive.

After many years of reading tarot, I started to find it annoying to read with cards that had pictorial images on all the cards, major and minor. I knew so many different things that each card could mean, it was more interesting for me to see the essentially abstract image of three cups, or eight coins, rather than an image of a person doing something. It also gives a much clearer visceral sense of the reading to use a deck without pictorial images for the “pip” cards. You have an instant sense of what’s really important.

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